Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sticky (2) Duct Tape Billboard

I am the chair for SANS Boston 2016. And as much as we all want to focus on cybersecurity, part of being a chair is the marketing aspect. So I am trying to feed that part of my brain. This has been fun!
Original post: I thought this was brilliant. Not just sticky, but demonstrates "Show, don't tell". If anyone has a high resolution image that you shot and are willing to send it my way, I would be  grateful! Does anyone know where this is?
Follow on information:
8/30/15 One of the STI grad students wrote in, this may not be a real billboard. His thoughts:

"I see a high likelihood that this is an image created by Photoshop and not a snapshot of a real bulletin board.  The sources I viewed(below) showed that it was an image shared about a year ago.  An error level analysis shows different levels of compression around the "3M Holds "label which is an indicator of digital manipulation.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The importance of being "sticky"

When you work on marketing, or a resume, you want your material to stand out from the rest. They call that being sticky. People, including myself, have tried to define sticky. But a picture is worth ... Kathy and I went to Ivar's Seafood Bar for lunch today. Good Experience.
While I was there I saw this old artwork commissioned by Ivar Haglund himself, a great marketer, (and good cook as well). He wanted to get the word out about the quality of his chowder. So it says:  
Not over 3 cups Ivar's clam nectar to any married man without written permission of his wife. No exceptions.

I always heard it was oysters, but some say clams. The ad apparently worked in 1940. And the company took the concept back out for a spin in 2011, targeted at women with the tag words: rejuvenation and invigoration.