Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sticky (16) Lava Lava Beach Club

To understand how sticky Lava Lava is, (and is going to be), I have to paint the word picture. This particular Lava Lava is on the East shore of the island of Kauai near the Kukui Heiau. It is attached to the Kapaa Sands resort, (not the fanciest resort on island to put it kindly), and next to it to the South The Wailua Bay View and to the North resort after resort after resort, 12 in all within a mile.

The upscale Lava Lava replaces the dilapidated David and Harry's, a really run down place that only existed because they offered breakfast. Lava Lava has just opened, in fact Kathy and Keely were there for the soft opening. That is where Kathy learned about their signature appetizer, "Sizzlin Shrimp", a very dramatic dish severed in a small cast iron skillet with a cloud of steam rising as it is brought to the table.

They clearly understand Social Media as you can see.

They have the look and feel of a beach club. In fact, we scored a table in the sand, just ten feet from where the old beachfront walking path was. It has been removed and there is just well kept sand, you know, a beach.
Even the entrance to the bathrooms keeps with the beach club theme.

You can rub your feet in the sand with a beach front table

We went there last night. There are still some opening pains. We ordered a bottle of Ca'Momi Zinfandel and our server, Ashley, did not know to take the foil off the bottle before removing the cork. She came back and said the cork broke and before I could say, "I'll take care of it", she was gone, but that proved to be our lucky break. A manager, came back with the bottle and explained the wine was still fine. We agreed and he opened it, introduced himself, gave us his card and said if you ever need a table, call my cell phone. This is no small thing! Within a month or two getting a beachfront table at Lava Lava Beach Club on a Friday night is going to be nearly impossible; this place is going to sell out.

Now why is it sticky, why am I so certain it is going to sell out? Well, remember the 12 resorts to the North? One of the most common statements in online dating sites is, "long romantic walks along the beach". 90% of what people post on dating sites may be hogwash, but I spend winters in Hawaii and I know that is true. So people, lots of people, are going to walking past Lava Lava Beach Club. They are going to see the tables and cushy chairs in the sand along the beach, the platters of "Sizzlin Shrimp", steaming noisily to heaven, hear the live music and think, "Let's try that out tomorrow night". They they are going post on social media because eating there is bragging rights stuff. Mark my words, within a year, I bet this is going to be the most popular restaurant on the island as measured by yelps, likes and such.

TIP: Walk or take a taxi, the parking lot is already full and they are just warming up, but hey, it is worth it :)

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