Friday, April 1, 2016

Sticky (20) ZeroLemon Solar charger

One of my indulgences is slashdot. So when they featured this I bought it. I am not the real camping type, so I never expected to need the solar charger. A couple weeks ago we chartered a boat for a couple weeks in the Belize lagoon. Kathy's waterproof camera was on the fritz so we bought another one. It was highly rated; it worked fairly well; it was a power hog.

Our Robinson and Caine 384 cat is one of the lower end Moorings models and did not have an inverter or generator. There was one USB port on the boat, but two couples with 5 iPhones between us meant we had to USB buddy breathe bigtime.

Solution: everyday, we put the ZeroLemon in the sun, every evening we charged the waterproof camera and it all worked. It also made a decent flashlight for moving around the boat after lights out.
One complaint, its USB charging port is non-standard. A mini-USB would have been much better, if you misplace the cord you are down to nothing but solar, (which is fine in Belize in March).

I am going to be announcing a cybersecurity covert channel contest later this month as part of my marketing efforts for SANS Boston 2016 August 1 - 6, and I think this will make a nice prize.

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