Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sticky (2) Duct Tape Billboard

I am the chair for SANS Boston 2016. And as much as we all want to focus on cybersecurity, part of being a chair is the marketing aspect. So I am trying to feed that part of my brain. This has been fun!
Original post: I thought this was brilliant. Not just sticky, but demonstrates "Show, don't tell". If anyone has a high resolution image that you shot and are willing to send it my way, I would be  grateful! Does anyone know where this is?
Follow on information:
8/30/15 One of the STI grad students wrote in, this may not be a real billboard. His thoughts:

"I see a high likelihood that this is an image created by Photoshop and not a snapshot of a real bulletin board.  The sources I viewed(below) showed that it was an image shared about a year ago.  An error level analysis shows different levels of compression around the "3M Holds "label which is an indicator of digital manipulation.

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