Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sticky (5) Survey Monkey look out

32 LI Pageviews as of 3/8/16, apparently the world does not agree this is sticky

I took two surveys yesterday. This was the first one. It was at SEATAC Airport right off the Alaska Air regional air gates. You see it as you head into the restroom. It gives you time to think about the question and answer on the way out. That is sticky and they will be able to collect metrics to see how they are doing.

The second was a Survey Monkey. The majority of LinkedIn members do not fill out surveys for a chance to win an iPad, (we already have at least one). We fill out surveys as a contribution to our community, one of the ways we give back. I have a bias against long surveys, but in this case, there really was no alternative. It was a multi-day tour Kathy and I had just completed and there were some safety issues; not sticky, but important. It took 30 minutes to complete, and it sure would have been nice if they had button arrays like the one in the picture at each turn in the tour. And given the traction of IoT, I expect we will see a lot of that in ten years or so.

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