Monday, December 21, 2015

Sticky (11) Adult Trike - Dog Campaign

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Lesson learned, I blew it. A post should have a single subject, this has two.

I love to walk, my perfect day would include hiking the Kuilau Ridge Trail when the trailhead is dry. However, all the doctors tell me not to walk more than I have to until my feet get under control. Good think I love to bike as well! Kathy gave me an adult trike as an early Christmas present.
My first hour with it was not sticky, learning to steer it takes a bit of practice and does managing your center of gravity. But now it is very sticky for Ke Ala Hele Makalae, (The path that goes by the coast). Phase II is a block from my house. I still have my bicycle and ride it, but when the path is crowded, this is better since you can go really slow when tourists are meandering, or someone wants to talk story. And people notice it so I am meeting new friends that are frequent users of the path.

My perfect day would also include a trip to a dog park with Yogi. Right now there is a bit of flack between the Kauai Parks and Recreation folks and the users of the Wailua Dog Park. I just ordered 100 bumper stickers and I think they will be "sticky", (Simple/Unexpected/Concrete/Credible/Emotional).  I plan to give some to the Humane Society and the Wailua Dog Park for their respective fund raisers; the odds of people putting them on their cars are much higher if they paid $5.00 for it. And I will put one on the back of the cargo box on my trike, a lot of people walk their dogs on the path.

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