Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sticky (12 ). Kauai Beach House photo op

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Some ideas "stick"; others don't. I try stay on the lookout for art, phrases, events that are sticky. Most of my peers on LinkedIn would not want to stay at the Kauai Beach House, it is essentially a youth hostel, but it is right on the water. That said, for the 16 years Kathy and I have spent winters on Kauai, some of the most interesting people we have met on and around the multi-use path, Ke Ala Hele Makalae, along the ocean were staying there while visiting.

The reason I think this is "sticky"(Simple/Unexpected/Concrete/Credible/Emotional), is low cost to build, a sheet of plywood, some framing lumber, and some cheerful colored paint. People love to get their picture taken and they will share those pictures on Facebook, Instagram etc. And right on that picture are the words Kauai Beach House. Also, note the orientation, it is the same view as the deck off the Beach House.

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