Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sticky (14) Sand art is sticky

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Last Saturday I was riding my Trike on the path by the ocean and I saw this. The circles appear to be perfect and the furrows are all shaped the same and are the same size. How they did it is beyond me.
The reason I think this is "sticky"(Simple/Unexpected/Concrete/Credible/Emotional)" 

  • Simple: all that was involved was sand, some short of shaping tool, a string in a central point to guide the circle.
  • Unexpected. I had no idea I was going to see it when I went back it was gone. That is the nature of sand art.
  • Concrete: "Concrete details allow us to imagine a scene and, crucially, imagine ourselves in it." []
  • Credible. This is what they call internal credibility, "Internal credibility is the ability of our ideas themselves to convince through an appeal to our audience’s sense of how the world works and how they see it." []
  • Emotional. Sand art makes you smile. Take a minute and put the search string "sand art" into Google and click on images. Amazing yes?
May 7, I was biking on the path and in the same spot:

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